Better choiceMore opportunity to invest on your terms

The same commitment to unbiased choice

interactive investor has the same commitment as Alliance Trust Savings to giving you unbiased choice, so only you decide what is best for you.

On the interactive investor platform, you will have access to over 3,000 mutual funds, an extensive range of investment trusts and Exchange Traded Funds, 40,000 global stocks and nine currencies. Plus select investment ranges chosen by experts.

One of the widest investment offerings in the UK

The interactive investor range covers the same investment ranges as Alliance Trust Savings but offers more if you are interested in trading overseas or following more active trading strategies.

You will still have access to:

  • Unit trusts and OEICs (mutual funds)
  • Investment trusts
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • UK stocks and shares
  • Initial Public Offers and other Share Offers

You will also have the option to:

  • Invest directly in US and international shares on 17 global exchanges
  • Hold up to 9 of the main currencies in a Trading Account (IDA) and SIPP
  • Stream real-time market data to your device using the Quotestream platform *

*For a low fixed price of £20 + VAT per month, which includes the London Stock Exchange license fee for private investors of £6 per month. You’ll need an interactive investor Trading Account (equivalent to ATS’ Investment Dealing Account) to apply.

See how your new
service compares

In our Understanding your new service guide, we explain the differences between the Alliance Trust Savings (ATS) and interactive investor platforms and how they work.

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A world of opportunity

17 global exchanges

North America: United States, Canada.
Europe: Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy,
The Netherlands, Sweden*, Switzerland*
Asia Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore *phone orders only

Select ranges chosen by experts

To help support you in making informed decisions, you will also have the option to consider select investment ranges chosen by experts. Currently, these include:


What does this mean for me?

After you have made the move to the interactive investor platform, you can continue with your current approach to investing if you wish. The new choices open to you are all optional extras, there to help meet your investment needs, as you see fit.

You can read more about investing with interactive investor on our website.

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