Better online servicesStay in control, at home or on the go.

An award-winning service

Like ATS, the interactive investor platform offers access to award-winning services and tools to help you become a better investor.

With a 'TrustPilot' rating of 'great' at June 2019 (based on over 4,000 reviews) and a free mobile app, once you make the move you’ll have access to even more online services than now. These include watch lists, news feeds, daily ‘what’s trading’ updates, choice of order types, and secure messaging functionality and biometric security features through the mobile app.

More order types to choose from

A comprehensive range of order types for UK shares helps keep you in control of your investments when you’re unable to monitor share prices.

Terms and conditions will apply. Check the interactive investor site for all the details.


You get 15 seconds to accept the best quote from over 20 market makers.


Simply buy or sell shares at the current market price, or price when it opens.


Buy or sell at a price you choose, if that is hit within a time period you set.


Sell a share automatically if the price ever falls to a level you set.

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Shareholder voting and information

You can sign-up for a free service that enables you to receive shareholder materials and vote on decisions affecting your holdings in UK shares through interactive investor, managed online through your personal voting and information mailbox.

What does this mean for me?

It means you will continue to be able to manage and track your investments easily online but you will have more options than before for how to approach this.

There are some differences between the Alliance Trust Savings and interactive investor platforms and how they work at a detailed level. But we will provide help to navigate those differences once you make the move.

And if you prefer to speak to someone, you will still be able to pick up the phone.